Florian Gruber´s „Print-Series“ draws on the language of cinema and of comics; these works – C-prints laminated on aluminium – reproduce a new spatial location. Based on formal elements taken from the visual code of comics – arrows, parallel strokes, diagonal strokes to stress something characteristic – these surface look like sequences of a story, like a succesion of events. The fractured shapes convey a sense of movement, acceleration and simultaneity, and are shown like film views shot from extremely high or low angles, or using a focus emphasizing some elements at the expense of others.

The principle of speed and multiplication, of multidirectional dislocation overstepping the internal limits of each sequence, forms part of a narrative that seems to argue in favour of one thing only: the impossibility of showing the object in an immobile state. As viewers all we can do is ask ourselves – quoting Michaux once more: „how to present the object when it has ceased to have any weight, when it has ceased to be impenetrable, ceased to be objective, ceased to be stable? Intact and yet ruined.“* Pia Jardi 2008

hybrid (95x63cm C-Print Alu Dibond)

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