This is a small walk through the interactive soundinstallation "sonic garden modules". It is situated next to the viennese Prater. External influences like the surrounding streets, the prater, ... get monitored by a wireless microphone. The installation area itself gets monitored by a camera system. The videostream gets analysed with Max MSP and sends via MIDI the control commands to LIVE where the stored sounds get triggered.

The soundscapes consist of 3 different groups that get seperated by small instrumental parts. "Shifted in time" are sounds that happened in the installation area and get replayed there. "Shifted in space" are other soundscapes from other places in europe and asia. "Shifted in habit" is the third group and consists of special material that get transformed very slowly.
The aim of "sonic garden modules" is to sharpen the perception of the visitor. The installation doesn´t emit permanently sound so the line between the real and the artificial soundscape is fluently.

For the different modules please check out the sections shrub, backshaker and sonic petalen.