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Klaipeda Soundscape Diary 2010

„I have a large collection of sounds; I have these little tape recorders and I take one wherever I go in my
pocket, ...
(interview with Jonas Mekas at Anthology Film Archives, February 4, 2005 by Liutauras Psibilskis)

During my walks through the region of Klaipeda I wear a small digital sound recordery ready to record this
special moments/places, where things collide - mix and set up a unique atmosphere like a landmark. The
project is besides information for acoustic ecology also a personal sounddiary. You - the listener -
can participate and explore these spaces too.

Each city has its acoustic characteristics - each city has its international sound. It´s a mix that is created in
and through the architecture of the city. The infrastructure play´s the role of an conductor and we - inclusive
the things we created - and on the other side our natural environment are the musicians.

The KSD is a work in progress. It will be finished on the 15. April 2010.

(For full listening pleasure headphones at a moderate volume level are recommended!)


1 tiltas (bridge, vehicles and welding operators)
2 1602 lithuania (a big space, cold wind and warm tea)
3 process of creation (a studio, a young female artist and a old roller)
4 inbetween private and public (length of a cigarette, a window and a yard)
5 curonian spit (trees, wind and and the port)
6 process of creation 2 (painting students, lightning and a model)
7 copplestonestreet (important message, a bus and a radiatortube)
8 tiltas 2 (inside the instrument)
9 yes to All (the hypermarket)
10 my red hot car (alarm and a policecar - somewhere else)
11 110309 a boom doubled echo (2nd independence day)
12 the old blind dog (takes care of uzupis)
13 drummer for traffic (playing together)
14 a long goodbye (vilnius transfer)
15 see you at the gates (small side streets)